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In the state of Colorado June is the month of LGBTQIA+ pride. We have one of the largest pride events in the U.S., but there is one thing missing, a space for the LatinX LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate their pride and culture. The LatinX LGBTQIA+ community in Colorado is large and united, however for many years they have not been include in the festivities in a respected manner. ArtistiCO has been working on this event for more than 3 years now and each year the event has grown rapidly. We have partnered with El Potrero Night Club, Colorado's first LatinX LGBTQIA+ night club to bring this unique event to our community. We have chosen to partner with this business as they are a trusted and safe space for the LatinX LGBTQIA+ community and it is critical that we lean on those who have an authentic connection with the community was are wanting to serve. ArtistiCO has chosen to have their pride event at a nightclub as historically the LGBTQIA+ community would gather at underground nightclubs in New York as part of the "Ball Culture" in the early 20th century. We want to bring that culturally relevant experience to Colorado. We incorporate dancers, Drag performance and other elements to produce a variety show filled with culture and tradition that represents the LatinX LGBTQIA+ community.

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ArtistiCO's Gala event is unique as it was created to showcase professional Mexican Folklore dance at the most prestigious level in the most prestigious venue in Colorado. We invite local, national and international LatinX artists to integrate their talent with ArtistiCO's local dance company for a production that celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Thus production is unique as it is the first of its kind to be produced by a local LatinX arts organization and be successful in attendance. However, when touching on attendance, ArtistiCO's production was the first time the Ellie Caulkins Opera House had been filled with Hispanic/LatinX community members as their institution has not been accessible in many ways in the past. ArtistiCO is excited to be opening the doors for historically marginalized communities to enjoy art and culture in respected venues.   

Location: Ellie Caulkins Opera House 



Amor Eterno is a self-produced production by ArtistiCO and is artistically directed by Alfonso Meraza Prudente with music by various musicians. You will see beautiful and colorful costumes along with the many traditions of Mexico. This production will surely come to life through the language of folklore dance. Amor Eterno is a love story of Life, Love, and Death through the traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Life is a birthday celebration. Love is portrayed by love and unity with a marriage ceremony. Death is celebrated with traditions depicting continuity of life. A loving couple falls victim to a tragic death and separated what seems forever. Dia de Los Muertos-Day of the Dead is an annual Mexican tradition that is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd with lively reunions. Families pay homage to deceased family members and friends while reaffirming the joys of life.

Location: Pinnacle Arts Complex 

Time: 7:30


In this performance, ArtistiCO takes the audience on a tour of Christmas celebrations throughout the country of Mexico. The dances performed feature original choreography based on traditional dances from Mexico. The performances represent the many dance traditions that are now a part of the rich cultural roots of Colorado. The colorful Mexican dances performed by ArtistiCO are directed by Jose Rosales and Alfonso Meraza Prudente. ArtistiCO has developed an educational cultural curriculum for this production that has been shared to more then 5K students across Denver. 

Location: Newman Center for the Performing Arts 

Time: 7:30

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