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Our Story

ArtistiCO strives to build community by providing a well rounded dance academy serving children and youth; provide educational outreach and share the art of dance through world class dance performances. We strongly believe in fostering, preserving, and advancing a culture of equity in order to ensure an inclusive atmosphere both onstage and behind the scenes. ArtistiCO is committed to bringing the art of dance to educational institutions, unlimited stages and to the hearts of our community. Within two years, ArtistiCO has evolved from its virtual platform to establishing two dance academy locations, a professional dance company & is in the process of purchasing a home dance studio. We embrace various dance techniques including Mexican folk dance, classical and contemporary ballet. The organization offers a safe and inclusive space for artists from all backgrounds to showcase their talent, passion and artistic experience with people from all over the world. By promoting Latinx culture and history through dance, ArtistiCO serves as a bridge between nations, connecting people locally, nationally and internationally.

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